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Welcome to Accentuate Hardwoods company website

Accentuate Hardwood Flooring company have been at the forefront of the wood floor industry in California and the USA since early 2001. This was essentially the start of the re-birth of wood flooring in California and the USA and European market.

Wood Floor - Magnificent wood flooring, in harmony with the environment.

Wood is one of the longest lasting flooring materials and the only type of floor covering that will improve with age or be revived by re-sanding and refinishing to match the particular tastes of the period. Wood floors also add value to property.

Accentuate Hardwood Flooring company supply a wide range of high quality precision engineered, solid and parquet woodblock floors plus kitchen worktops. These are available in a variety of different species including oak, maple, walnut extending to exotic varieties such as Wenge and Panga Panga. Everything needed to complete your project is available from stock.

Our own company manufactures the majority of the products we sell. We also have a number of additional items in our range carefully selected from companies that manufacture to the same high standards with regard as essential to our wood floor and other product ranges.

Accentuate Hardwood Flooring company began by reclaiming timber from the many buildings being demolished in the early 1990’s. This experience gave us a valuable insight into the whole history of wood floors and the knowledge gained from removing and transforming these precious timbers into highly desirable new products is still with us today as we endeavour to manufacture wood from sustainable sources into long lasting beautiful floors that will last for generations.

Accentuate Hardwood Flooring company manufactures the majority of the products it sells, this is almost unique in California and the USA for a company of our size.

About our wood floors - Designed For You

Our products are designed and manufactured in California for the Southwestern USA market, which has specific requirements with regard to the moisture content of the floor when compared to other countries. This is due to the drier climate of California and most areas in the Southwestern, USA that creates very distinct seasons with low  average levels of humidity. This differs from many of the products sold within the Southwest, which are made to more a general specification for moist climates within the global market and cannot perform well in most drier Southwestern conditions. Accentuate Hardwood Floors are experts in the supply and installation of wood flooring.

Our expertise is based on a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the physical properties of wood and the mechanics involved in the installation of wood floors.  Coupled with an exacting attention to detail, we can guarantee that a wood floor fitted by Accentuate Hardwood Floors will be beautiful, fit for its purpose and stand the test of time. We are totally committed to providing a first class service to our clients and, by looking objectively at each wood flooring project, we can guide our clients to an informed choice. We take pride in our ethical approach, our total commitment to our clients and through our knowledge, experience and craftsmanship we can provide an unrivalled service that sets us apart from our competitors.